Proofreading: $3

Light Editing: $5

Heavy Editing: $7

  • All charges are per-page, where 250 words is a page.
  • For orders greater than five pages long, I will require a $15.00 flat-rate, initial fee, up-front.  This fee will be applied to your total order.

Revision: Prices vary based on amount of work needed.

  • $15.00 flat-rate, initial fee, up-front. This fee will be applied to your total order.
  • I will review your work first, and give you an estimate of charges for you to agree on before beginning my services.


Upon completion, I will bill you through Paypal with an invoice for all services, unless you require revision service or have a lengthy document, in which case you will be billed for the initial $15 charge before I begin.