Copyediting & Proofreading

  • This is what you get when you’ve done everything you can possibly think of for your document, but you want some nerd to go over it one more time before you send it off.  This is me checking for errors, typos, punctuation, and other simple problems to “clean up” a final draft.
  • I also will make sure all the fonts, paragraphs, bullets, and other style issues are taken care of.

Light Editing

  • This is when you’ve finished your work, but you feel it lacks something and maybe you don’t know what it is.  I help you cut out parts that don’t add to the piece, and lend you helpful comments for what to add (this is where my writing-teacher experience benefits you).
  • I will also help you make adjustments — as needed — to voice, word choice, sentence style, and structure.  If necessary, I may suggest new organization, too!
  • You still get the same proofreading and copy editing as well.

Heavy Editing

  • This is when your work is almost done: all the facts are in, but they lack focus, organization, or structure.  Or, you know what you want to say, but aren’t sure how to say it.  I’ll help you focus on the strong elements, and I’ll point out the weak spots.
  • Naturally, I’ll also give you my finest editing and proofreading services!


  • This is when you have started something and are stuck.  I’m not going to write this for you, but I will definitely get you back on track. First, we’ll establish the general purpose of the piece, and then see if that purpose is conveyed.   Every word, sentence and paragraph will be analyzed according to how well it supports your purpose.  I’ll tell you what to scrap, and how to structure what’s left.
  • I’ll also give you my best editing and proofreading help.

All changes will be made using either Microsoft® Word or Pages® by Apple Inc.